Artists’ reception July 10 for exhibitors at Gallery 195 in New Haven

The Arts Council of Greater New Haven will hold an artists’ reception Tuesday, July 10, for its exhibition of works by Maria Morabito and Lambert Edelmann. The public is invited to attend.

The reception and exhibit are at Gallery 195 at First Niagara Bank, 195 Church St., 4th floor, New Haven. The exhibition will be on display during bank hours through Sept. 14 (Monday-Wednesday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; Thursday and Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Morabito finds inspiration in biochemical processes in the brain, as well as the history of written documentation. Edelmann studies the struggle between building and decay, destruction to seek control, domination of nature by civilizations, and domination of cultures by other cultures.

Morabito creates paintings and monoprints often using a limited palette to direct focus on the signs and symbols that make up the compositions. These streamlined, graphic works convey the themes of expression and communication through the rhythm of forms, textures and colors.

“Handwriting is a very special and individual mark of our existence – sometime the only thing that is left behind. The deconstruction of words into signs and their free assemblage lead me to a visual imagery that preserves the link to the past and projects into the future,” said Morabito of her work.

Edelmann’s work is also very graphic compositionally. His inspiration comes, in part, from the millennia of old geometric patterns in Islamic art, along with the duality which he sees as a civilization both dominating and dominated. Going off these ancient patterns, he uses alterations of line and color to distort the rigid designs in an attempt to express the struggle of cultural growth.

Lambert Edelmann studied printmaking at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and at Boston Printmakers. He has also studied oil painting in Cambridge, Mass., and sculpture at Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven. He was born and raised in Germany, has a doctorate and studied neurobiology at Yale. He lives and works in Boston, and has his studio in New Haven, where he is part of the Erector Square art community and a member of The Arts Council of Greater New Haven.

Maria Morabito has been featured in exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers, including the Grossman Gallery of the School Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; the City Gallery, the Erector Square Gallery and Artspace in New Haven; and the Moira Fitzsimmons Arons Art Gallery in Hamden. Maria Morabito was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy.

For more information about this exhibition and Gallery 195 at First Niagara Bank, call the Arts Council at (203) 772-2788. The Arts Council of Greater New Haven, publisher of The Arts Paper, is a regional nonprofit arts agency that provides leadership to and advocates for member artists and arts organizations and connects them to one another, to audiences, and to the Greater New Haven community. Visit the Arts Council online at

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